alanahomepicThe Pilates Method of physical conditioning was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Alana trains clients of all ages and abilities and tailors her individual and group sessions to meet each client’s specific needs. Alana’s sessions are a full body strength and flexibility workout, with particular focus on the abdominal muscles. These sessions are designed to increase flexibility and strength, improve posture, and decrease stress. Read more >

Pilates For Everybody Video

In this short video Alana teaches some great abdominal exercises to people with 3 distinct body types: a woman who wants to strengthen her core, a man with a tight lower back, and a pregnant woman. Ask Alana which Pilates exercises are best for you!

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You Don’t Need To Vacation Without Me!

You Don’t Need To Vacation Without Me!

Personalized pilates videos are now available!  Contact Alana for more information on a workout video customized for your needs!

Quick Tip 1

” Throughout your pregnancy it is important to know what an exercise is intended for and why it is appropriate for your body.  For example, while doing side kicks it is appropriate to feel the top of the leg working.  It is not appropriate to feel discomfort in your pubic bone. “

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