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Q: How can Pilates help my back during pregnancy?

During pregnancy abdominal muscles are stretched to over 50% of their original length! If the abdominal muscles are weak, you may develop back or pelvic pain. Weakened pelvic floor muscles can lead to urine loss.
Pilates can help by keeping the abdominal muscles strong to help support the growing body. Pilates also helps women maintain good posture while the center of gravity shifts. This helps alleviate stress on the back!

Q: Are there any exercises that should be omited during the second trimester?

In the second trimester you should stop lying flat on your back. It is still Ok to exercise on your back for brief periods, but put a pillow under your head and shoulders. Lying flat can create pressure on the vena cava, decreasing blood flow to the uterus and mother’s brain. Symptoms of this happening are: nausea, dizzyness or being short of breath.

Q: Are there any exercises to omit during the first trimester?

Throughout your pregnancy it’s important to know what an exercise is intended for and why it’s appropriate for your body. For example, while doing side kicks it is appropriate to feel the top of the leg working. It is not appropriate to feel discomfort in your pubic bone.

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